Back from Abroad

Ahhh vacation, the beauty of getting away from the rigors of daily life.  I am sure you can attest to the feeling of relaxation, the pleasure in knowing you do not have to cook a meal, or be at some activity in two hours, and the way the slower pace allows your mind to wander and ponder, ‘ why is it always not like this?’.

Coast of Praia da luz, Algarve, Portugal

My family and I recently returned from three glorious weeks in Portugal.  We traveled up, down, and around the country, experiencing the abundant micro- cultures across the regions and seeing family we have not seen (or for my children, ever met!) in over nine years.  I do not know about you, but this was my first vacation of such length and I was a bit worried we would be homesick or tired or worse yet, bored!  But after having done it, and sitting on the plane on our return home, wanting more, I encourage everyone to step away from life, for just a tad longer than normal, as you will never be the same.

Top of Lisbon from the Santa Justa Elevator

I have so many images and thoughts to share from our trip, relevant to all aspects of life: savor the little things and slow down, enjoy company, less IS really more, eat and drink from your own garden, mix and match pattern in abundance, doorways are the best accessory, utilize nature in your designs, sometimes things don't need to be updated to feel modern, relish history…I could go on and on.

View of Porto, from Vila Nova de Gaia

View of Porto, from Vila Nova de Gaia

I will elaborate more on the finer points shortly, but in the meantime, THANK YOU to all the family, hoteliers, and restaurateurs who graciously hosted us and showed us the country.  AND a special thanks to our great friends who came from the other end of the earth to travel with us.  It was a trip of a lifetime...that we now hope to repeat time and time again.

In Regua, after our Duoro River Cruise