Small details, big impact

Details make all the difference in the world.

I was having a bad day and needed a little retail therapy and knew just where to lift my spirits - my favorite retail place on earth - Anthropologie!  From the moment you see the storefront (I was in Reston, VA) with its amazing linear modern yet rustic wood application across the front to opening the huge heavy wood door to stepping inside and smelling the inviting aroma of the smell that signifies their store, to the fantastic electric color and texture groupings, they appeal to all of your senses through the right combination of details and simplicity.  

Oh how I love everything about their clothes and accessories and home decor.  I found a few fun and unique pieces for my wardrobe, but even better, I added to my collection of amazing home details--check out the fantastic little knob baubles that now grace my old ugly traditional chest I recently lacquered black.  How fantastic does this $8 addition make this piece!

Interior decor does not need to cost a lot, by adding some special details, you make a piece fantastic!

P.S.  I also found these a few months ago at Anthropologie...they fit perfectly in my office. 

Angelee MarquesComment